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House IV

A woman loses control of her vehicle. The accident kills her husband and her young girl will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

The two survivors move into a summer lodge where they are suddenly menaced by a unscrupulous brother-in-law and are victims of paranormal manifestations.





Possibly the best in the series, House 4 decides to act nostalgically in relation to the original. Here and there, it succeeds in recreating the dark humour, in small doses, with less audacity.

Two particular characters are truly distractions in this comedy-horror flick: they allow you to let out a few sincere laughs. First of all, there is Mr. Grosso that wants to acquire the haunted house because it is built on special ground that can cure him from his vicious disease that makes him regurgitate 23 hours a day. I just so happens that, as manipulation technique, he feeds those who do not obey him with his vomit. Then, there is a singing pizza that also regurgitates.

The film will surprise you and make you laugh a few times which is quite an achievement for a film with such a limited budget. This series distinguishes itself from the pack by its manner of integrating its humour to horror and this sequel is as effective as the first two in the series. (The third is excluded because it is associated to the others for marketing purposes only.) The finale releases many surprises: both good and bad. On one side, we witness the tasteful punishment of the villains and on the other, the unavoidable and pitiful success of the mother and daughter.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A soprano pizza.
- Mr. Grosso forcing a bad employee to swallow his vomit.
- Two mobsters shooting at each other following a hallucination.

Memorables characters
- Mr. Grosso

Released in: 1992

Movie type: Horror - Haunting - Monsters - Fantasy - Humor

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( 2002-12-07 )  

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