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"What sexual diseases may become..."

Following a macabre experiment on the human organism, insects, that just happen to use humans in order to procreate, invade an apartment building.





While today most studios feel the need to label their product, it was moderation and nuance that was previously sought out. Shivers didnít invent the zombie genre but has the merit of being the first to use themes that others didnít dare develop. The notions of incest, homosexuality and pedophilia will jump to the face of the simple-minded. Regardless, starting with the idea that humans are only a mode of transportation for the mutant race, those who will complain will prove the difficulty society has to detach itself from its convictions. It is on this aspect that the film succeeds best. It succeeds in bringing to life horrifying situations therefore defining itself as a horror film.

In seemingly secure setting, a high-class residential building, Shivers exploits agoraphobia and paranoia. The film isnít as slow as those of its era and not isnít as erotic as its theme might suggest. Its implicit morals could incite us to reflection but its budget seriously hinders this aspect. The general credibility of the film suffers; so do the fight scenes. The events are pretty spread out, managing with difficulty the explanations, the tension and the setting. The lighting and sound arenít what succeed in terrifying: the locations and atmosphere are.

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Released in: 1975

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Invaders - Taboos - Nudity

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( 2002-12-07 )  

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