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Silver Bullet

At Tackerís Mill, in the Maine, people are dying as a follow-up to multiple lacerations. A beast or a psychopath is blamed. Very few clues have came up in the case.

One night, the prowler attacks Marty, a handicapped child. Marty defends himself using a firecracker he just happened to be holding and succeeds in puncturing his assailantís eye. The killer is identified as a werewolf.

Neither his uncle nor his sister believe him. However, the next day, they give in when they notice a villager wearing an eye patch. They must act promptly because on the next full moon, the werewolf will come back for Marty.





Rarely considered as one of the good adaptations of Stephen Kingís novels, Silver Bullet succeeds in breaking the norm. Werewolf films all have their variants. All too often, magic rules that make getting rid of these fantastic creatures easy ruin the show. They become repetitive and, first and foremost, predictable. Still, because the whole planet knows how useful silver bullets are against werewolves, this film prefers to quickly mention the fact and move on to something other. It doesnít get caught up in the moonís cycle, religious themes or long scientific explanations.

Although the lycanthrope theme is kept simple and mysterious, the development of the characters and the villagerís reactions consume the development. Martyís family isnít perfect nor is it deplorable. The characters that are directly linked to him are multidimensional. His uncle, in particular, suffers from an addiction to alcohol but knows how to keep his priorities straight. His younger sister sometimes treats him like crap but she visibly loves him. The secret identity of the werewolf will not hold until the end nor will it try to be unpredictable. The character in question acts just like any good werewolf in danger would.

The biggest problem is the incessant childish tone to the film. Having a handicapped child for a hero isnít the best idea since sliced bread but we need to deal with it. The film is more or less presented through his eyes. Even when he is put in the background, when we witness the death of random townsfolk, the mediocre special effects limit Silver Bullet to too little credibility.

The violence is present, so is the humour; the human aspect of the film, along with its unique elements, helps it live through its faults.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The final battle

Memorables characters
- The werewolf

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Monsters

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( 2002-12-08 )  

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