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Stuff, The

A new product, similar to ice cream, is released in supermarkets throughout the country. The product has recently been discovered: “The Stuff” is how it has been baptized.

Jason refuses to swallow even a spoonful of the solution. Everyone loves it but no one seems to notice the terrible impact it has on them. They change until they lose their autonomy and become impregnated by an alien race that uses their body to be reborn.

Few people can testify having seen “The Stuff” move out of its container or swallow a human being. Those who do are chased away. Under the protection of an industrial saboteur that wanted to steal the secret of the substance and that learned it in the wrong way, Jason promises to avenge his family’s death.





There comes a point where the conventional horror flick no longer does the job, where simple variants of a murderous routine no longer seize the public as well as the classics did. It is at this point that a jewel like this one finds its niche.

Its story is childish, so are its characters, and it is in a cartoon-like atmosphere that we are implicated in this adventure that plunges us more into exaggeration as the film progresses. The Stuff doesn’t even try a comedy and takes itself seriously, as opposed to what we would expect. Still, it is an unpretentious film that doesn’t dive into subtlety or originality. The starting idea is of the most interesting and audacious but the development remains concise.

From the discovery of the product to the final intervention of the army, passing by the assimilation of young Jason’s family, the script offers us a crescendo of diverse events illustrating the progression of “The Stuff”. A particular attention is dedicated to its marketing campaign, which gives birth to a few interesting turnarounds starting when the spokesperson joins the rebellion.

First and foremost, what makes The Stuff amusing is that it is edible, it creates an addiction, transforms you into an alien and smashes its way out of your brain to flee. It also escapes from its container to entertain itself once in a while and comes back to confound everyone. Finally, it can absorb you and travail short distances.

It is a low quality film: the superposition of the images is flawed or mediocre extras remind us of this fact. Furthermore, the intervention of the army could have been avoided. If there is one thing that the army succeeds in doing in a horror film, it is ruin the pleasure and distance us from the main characters. Thankfully, Jason and Mo come back at the very end for a final punch that will make you cheer.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A mass of “The Stuff” nailing a victim to a wall in the style of A Nightmare on Elm Street.
- The Stuff's eruption out of one of its victims.

Memorables characters
- "The Stuff"
- Mo (Michael Moriarty)

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Humor

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( 2002-12-22 )  

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