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Children of the Corn

A newly wed couple driving through Nebraska runs over a young man. Oddly, it seems that he had been stabbed before the collision. A streak of his blood leads back into the corn field close by.

When they reach the municipality to get help, they are greeted by a ghost town. A gang of psychotic children are the only ones inhabiting it. Their religion had ordered to erase the adult generation and they obeyed. They leave no one over 18 years of age avoid their judgement.

Vicky is kidnapped and tied upon a sacrificial cross from which Burton, her husband, has very little time to free her from.





Children of the Corn often figures among the list of classic films. The film is developed upon its share of exclusive elements but has numerous flaws as well. Even considering its age, its general quality isn’t up to par. It is probably Linda Hamilton and its panoply of sequels that gave it the title of “classic” although, in my humble opinion, it is nothing of the sort. There is nothing to say about the two main characters: their performance ranges from good to very good.

It is the children who have nothing of actors. They are simply children with weapons that don’t even reach the ankle of the concept’s potential. Children who kill their parents in cold blood shouldn’t fear or feel remorse when comes the turn of total strangers.

Then, there are the special effects. The film manages its way through poor film, awful dialogues and even worse visual effects. It only uses them in the last few minutes but is enough to crush our interest until the ending’s credits. Children of the Corn’s best asset is its soundtrack: a macabre chorus of children. Sadly, what should have been the film’s strength became its weakness: the children. They succeeded in turning this horror film into a nursery.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- Isaac (John Franklin)
- Malachai (Courtney Gains)

Released in: 1984

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Invaders - Fantasy - Religions

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( 2002-12-22 )  

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