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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay, a young hyperactive adult, and Silent Bob, who is perfectly described by his name, see their life of vagrancy disturbed when they are informed of the filming of a particular movie. What disturbs them is that the two heroes in this film are carbon copies of themselves.

Because they havenít received the share of the cake that they believe they deserve, they leave New Jersey and head to Hollywood in order to sabotage the production.

Along the way they encounter attractive women, enemies and animals that are all made fun of as much as they are.





Jay and Silent Bob unroll a red carpet to their fertile imagination. This film exists for a public that wishes to laugh without stopping to notice the illogical details and forced pretexts.

The actors quickly convince us to dive into the ridicule that serves as the pillar to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Their interpretation can be found somewhere between caricature and crank. Their intonations and faces are limitless. They express themselves by signing, making signs, screaming and facial expressions in Silent Bobís case.

Each second is captivating and each joke brings us to the next. While the events are totally unrealistic, their sequence is logical which avoids losing the viewerís attention or interest. The adventures, unexpected and hilarious, rarely make the story progress but this isnít a negative aspect for the general public. Briefly, while at first glance this movie may seem like a theatrical fiasco, it underlines how buffoonery isnít necessarily a synonym to stupidity.

Regardless of its light contents, this film remains a heavyweight because of the excellent work in terms of presentation and interpretation.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Jay (Jason Mewes)
- Silent Bob (Kevin Smith)

Memorables characters

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Comedy - Humor - Spoofs - Coarse Language

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( 2002-08-24 )  

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