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Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Travelers from space, aboard a flying saucer, land on Earth in order to feed on humans. They have the appearance of clowns and their vessel resembles a circus tent. To assassinate, they use popcorn guns and a special weapon that turns its target into cotton candy.

From their victim’s cadavers, they extract a delicious (according to them) liquid. This interest they have in human remains is quickly wiping out the planet and a few survivors decide to take the situation into their own hands.





Even though this film is considered a classic horror movie, it is first and foremost hilarious and absurd. What is particular is the omnipresent graphic humor that reigns and that can’t be found elsewhere.

Just like in Bad Taste, the small budget serves as the foundation of humor. The set is without pretension: they often seem cut out of cardboard boxes. The clown’s make-up also succeeds marvelously. If the directors had decided to scare their public instead of making them laugh at their black humor, they could have simply incorporated a macabre soundtrack and different lighting. Indeed, these two elements would have complemented the evil wrinkled faces.

Because clown-o-phobia is sufficiently widespread in this world, some people will certainly be thrilled. For them, I recommend It because it utilizes a more morbid approach. Others will surely prefer watching Killer Klowns from Outer Space with a few friends (after a few drinks).

The actors aren’t terrible but two of them ruin each and every scene where we see their face. The Terenzi brothers, the owners of a mobile dairy bar, take care of the verbal humor which, sadly, doesn’t coincide with the rest. If they had died at the very beginning, I would have endured their presence but they live much too long for their own good.

The conclusion is splendid. The survivors adventure into the space ship to affront the extra-terrestrial race and they must surmount a series of obstacles more amusing than perilous. Throughout the ending, every element that comes to mind when thinking of circuses is used in unpredictable circumstances. The saturated colors play an important role here. Even the most sadistic of weapons doesn’t necessarily inspire violence. We witness a decapitation here and decomposition there but this film diverts from brutality.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A biker breaks a clown’s bike and is decapitated in return
- An obstacle race in a labyrinth that just happens to be the clown’s hideout.

Memorables characters
- The clowns

Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Invaders - Monsters - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Comedy - Humor

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( 2004-02-05 )  

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