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Deadtime Stories

"Stories that put you to eternal sleep..."

Unable to find sleep, a young man monopolizes his uncleís TV night to be told a few stories. Not very experienced with children, his uncle recites three classic counts, with a few morbid twists.

Adaptation of "Peter and the Witches"
Two old women require a young girlís soul to reanimate their deceased sister. With the help of some sorcery, they plan a sacrifice.

Adaptation of "Little Red Ridinghood"
Rachel and her boyfriend have a romantic (and erotic) evening in perspective. They head to a small house in which they break in to finally get some privacy. A teenager has an eye on Rachel and lurks around the neighborhood. His pharmacist gave him the wrong medicine and what hides within comes out at dusk.

Adaptation of "Goldie Locks and the Three Bears"
A psychopath piles up cadavers in a refuge which isnít his. When a family of crooks step foot in the place, after a long absence, and surprise the intruder, they decide to adopt her for her unique personality and psychic powers.





As sketch films go, Iíve seen better. While Deadtime Stories lacks in many aspects, it still surprises and makes us laugh. Even though it is first and foremost a horror flick, its omnipresent dark humor pleasantly disguises its small budget. Sadly, the parallelism between the authentic tale and the adaptation is too often broken and, by the end of the film, youíll have abandoned all anticipation.

The linking story is without variance or surprises but remains amusing thanks to the sole fact that an eight year old child is interested in the tales of nudity and terror told by his uncle.

Adaptation of "Peter and the Witches"
The authentic tale having inspired this story is the least known. This sketch leaves behind humor in order to show us more blood, as opposed to its counterparts. What makes it the weakest tale is that it doesnít build up its apogee. Each second and every turnaround is predictable.

Adaptation of "Little Red Ridinghood"
This episode works is the one most coordinated with its true tale. The wolf is substituted by a werewolf, the red hood by a jogging suit and the grand-mother is still in the game. Here is an attractive version of an already macabre story, developed in a contemporary setting.

Adaptation of "Goldie Locks and the Three Bears"
There are no bears here. Dark humor is abundant but mental sanity isnít. This story isnít that bad but increasingly diverges from the tale it parodies as the sketch moves forward. The vain attempts at referring to moments in the original tale are quickly wiped off by bad directing. Quickly, this sketch starts ressembling The Texas Chainsaw Massacre starring an alienated family of merciless murderers.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Two old bags charming a young man thanks to sorcery.
- Goldi Locks killing a waitress with telekinesis to avoid paying the bill.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Monsters - Humor - Spoofs - Nudity

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( 2004-02-07 )  

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