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Enigmatic symbols mark the crops all around the world. Then, the medias report a series of unidentified flying objects covering the sky.

Graham, an ex-reverent who has recently lost his faith, his two children and his brother discover these traces in one of their fields. Subsequently, their dog dies and they surprise an intruder spying on them. The silhouette is much quicker and more agile than your typical human. In addition to being unable to capture it, they don’t even manage to identify who or what it is.

Scientists cannot determine whether these visitors are friendly or if they are assailants. The small family will soon discover this on their own…





What should be initially stated is that none of the actors neglect or overdo their roles: they are natural, familiar even. Gradually, elements of their dark past are incorporated into the scenario. This technique visibly improves our general appreciation of the film. Signs joins many genres and, as laborious as it may seem, the complete picture is perfectly executed.

With its synopsis, we envision one of those other science-fiction flicks featuring space ships, invaders and apocalypse. Not only does Signs avoid interplanetary battles, scientific theories and pretentious special effects but it also disregards the fate of the whole planet in order to concentrate on the outcome of the four main characters. It only takes fifteen or so minutes for them to become familiar. Therefore, the result is a psychological thriller that is also dramatic, mysterious and sometimes sad. Without allowing itself to fall into humour, the script has provided a few funny moments that are sure to make you smile. These brief instants are so well incorporated into the film that they are harmless to the suspense’s ascending rhythm.

Signs succeeds in establishing an extreme situation and its consequences, exactly as they would happen in the same circumstances. It takes its time, releases the truth in small doses to the point of only delivering only what is truly important to the concerned characters.

As if this full feature film didn’t have enough positive aspects, after two hours of avoiding clichés and surprising its viewers, it offers a superb finale. The dialogues that made you reflect on the existence of a superior entity, luck and destiny culminate during the final moments, without imposing a fixed morality.

Furthermore, a few of the things that caught your curiosity throughout the film will be explained with skilful synchronization. Finally, the conclusion is so unusual even though it is rudimentary. It will inflict an atypical shiver and adrenaline rush. Hollywood usually prefers reversals that put us off guard to give itself an illusion of control, maybe to defy the public. Signs, on the other hand, plays a franc and subtle role to the end.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- The final revelations.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Invaders - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Drama - Love

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( 2002-09-04 )  

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