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Death Factory

An abandoned factory has become the sepulchre of those who have recently ventured there. What first resembles a woman, whose arms and mouth are constellated with blades, quickly takes it upon herself to cut up the unfortunate visitors. The savage creature is the result of scientific experiments destined to develop the absolute weapon.

A few friends in their twenties convince themselves to sneak in, unaware of the recent events. They get high, drink and get laid. However, the hunter awakens once again and patrols the hallways, in search of the next martyr.





It is always difficult to predict what an independent production with limited financing will offer. Usually, we expect either a minimum of impudence and originality, either the imitation of one or more classics and even, in some rare cases, both of these criteria.

Return of the Living Dead 3 is definitely this slasher’s inspiration. The explanation behind the assassin’s existence and her physical appearance are evidently an homage to zombie flicks, but it stops there. For the rest, the scenario is conservative and unpretentious. Nonetheless, it remains a unique film that knows how to refine its clichés.

Death Factory’s homicide scenes are limited to victims being shredded or bitten but the emphasis is put on their agony. In fact, these poor folks survive and suffer much longer and with much more intensity than what we are used to see. The blood is of true red and their pain is tangible, which represents an impressive accomplishment when assisted by such a thin budget.

As usual with slasher films, the characters are underdeveloped and their temperament oscillates. Guessing who will become the hero in Death Factory will consequently come as an automatism, in opposition with the turnarounds that are far from being as predictable.

An interesting factory, an extremely lethal woman and good actors, seen the circumstances, allow Death Factory to leap out of the crowd and reach summits rarely achieved with similar resources. While a few moments are repetitive and it is difficult to sympathise with the deceased, Death Factory is definitely a good investment in terms of horror entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- The murderer (Tiffany Shepis)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters - Nudity

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( 2002-09-08 )  

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