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"A misleading eye..."

May’s was ashamed of her lazy eye throughout her childhood. Now a veterinarian, her past still corrodes her even though she is cured. She is reserved and mysterious. As a young child, she had received a doll that she never took out of its glass box, as had demanded her mother. Her doll has always been her best friend and it still decorates her bedroom to this day.

May meets Adam in a Laundromat. He likes her style and invites her to view a video that he has produced. The macabre sequences that pass before May’s eyes please her. While a love relationship is formed between May and her new friend, she starts revealing her more and more bizarre nature.

Her colleague Polly reveals that he is attracted to her. May is swept off her feet by both men but eventually learns that she too doesn’t have sexual exclusivity with either of her partners. May is quickly swallowed by rage and panic.





May is a slow film that lets us believe in a paranormal evolution, mainly because of the frequent shots of the box that houses the doll. We expect to see the doll jump out at any moment but this is only an illusion. The doll is more of a symbol of May’s feelings: the glass container breaks during the story, in different ways.

The actors are the only thing that shine in this monotonous slow-progressing story. The film doesn’t properly distribute its development. As a matter of fact, the action and answers to our questions are all concentrated towards the end of the film. This reality consequently causes confusion and boredom during the first our.

The conclusion is sinister but it is covered in déjà vu. It isn’t worth the wait and ends too abruptly.

Final Thoughts

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- May (Angela Bettis)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller - Diseases

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( 2004-03-21 )  

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