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Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting, The

Fifteen years have past since the tragedy that struck Jim. He is still haunted by what his memory cannot erase. He since joined the police department but has recently been fired for police brutality.

Because she sees the tension rise within him, his girlfriend suggests a road trip to Texas.

They have only travelled a few kilometres when they encounter a new hitchhiker. His attitude is strikingly similar to that of the murderer they stumbled upon in the past.





The Hitcher 2: Iíve been waiting painfully returns to the scenario featured in The Hitcher. The title is misleading because Jim and his girlfriend donít face the same murderer. They are confronted with a particularly improbable coincidence. Furthermore, because the killer isnít the same person, it is legitimate for us public to question the way the film lowers us to its level.

There are more shootouts than suspense, more action scenes that horror and mainly too many police interventions. The Hitcher spends his time assassinating innocent victims to incriminate Jim and his girlfriend. He is omnipresent and seems to know even the slightest movement of his two victims. Jake Busey plays his role aptly but his character isnít more reassuring than Rutger Hauerís.

In general, without considering that it is the sequel to an appreciable classic, this suspense keeps us interested and features good acting. The stunts are well performed and the special effects are grandiose. The film acts like it is a theatrical release even though it isnít.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The hitcher cuts off one of his fingers and puts it in the fryer.

Memorables characters
- The Hitcher (Jake Busey)

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Action

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( 2004-03-28 )  

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