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A gun wielding priest chases an entity that lives in the shadows. It moves around in the sewers.

The demon needs the soul of a young child blessed by God, Chris, in order to open a portal to hell.





Even though there are lots of murders in this film, there is very little violence. Also, the excellent concept of a monster living in darkness is badly applied and never scares us because suspense is missing.

The beast’s prey is an adolescent. In your run-of-the-mill scenario, it is customary not to murder children. In this film, as if they’re weren’t already enough clichés, the demon wants to sacrifice the child. The story is built around this fact so, you know what to expect.

Innocent people die in path of the demon who is headed for Chris but, for once, it isn’t just an excuse for murders: there is a good reason. Also, the creature can control humans and he uses them to create the shadows needed for his manifestations. The converted villagers break lampposts, cut off the electricity and kill to serve their master, who installs a chaotic atmosphere.

Sadly, the film has trouble absorbing so many details. It doesn’t know on what it should focus. The demon murders, conjures, multiplies dogs, is transported at the speed of light, possesses, hypnotizes, disintegrates, talks a bit and is immune to almost everything except for light. Even if combines too many elements, Shadowbuilder can’t even keep our attention through some of the scenes.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- An old man knocks down an electric pole that falls on him.

Memorables characters
- Jacob Vassey (Michael Rooker)

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Monsters - Religions

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Pet Sematary II

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( 2004-03-28 )  

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