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Freddy Vs. Jason

No one dreams of (or even fears) Freddy Krueger. Since the last time he was killed, he has been searching through hell for a wait out. He plans on manipulating Jason Voorhees in order to be reborn. The murderer grabs his trusty old machete for a tenth time and heads for Elm Street.

Those who remember the monster that was Freddy quickly jump to conclusions, blaming him for Jason’s crimes. Slowly, his powers return. However, these two titans of evil have trouble sharing their territory and end up facing each other.





Over ten years before it came out, Freddy vs Jason had people talking. Both series had its history and distinct atmosphere but shared certain elements: the two killers target teenagers, limit themselves to a particular territory, their motive is revenge, etc.

As Kia puts it so well, the teenagers aren't safe awake or asleep. Not only can we see a few duels between Freddy and Jason, we witness both killers hack and slash teenagers the old-fashioned way. What is more disorienting than a close-up shot of the “Elm Street” street sign during the classic “Ki ki ki Ha ha ha” Friday the 13th background music?

Ronny Yu distinguishes himself by his direction. While is very contemporary Bride of Chucky broke the rules of its series, the fusion of two of the most memorable horror franchises is practically flawless. The film could even have had lasted thirty minutes longer. The film’s frenetic rhythm doesn’t leave much room for sympathising with the characters. Furthermore, because the scenario doesn’t reach the same depth in plot development as is usual for both series, a feeling of coldness emanates from the film.

Thankfully, original and unsuspected events are plentiful. The battles between Freddy and Jason are sensational and you will be unable to resist reacting to a few of the murders. The three dimensional effects are too much, in my opinion, but are quickly swallowed by the rest. Freddy vs Jason has the audacity to bring back old traditions that were long forgotten for the enjoyment of the fans.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Freddy tears off Kia’s nose.
- Jason stabs Trey in his bed before folding it in two.
- Kia is projected onto a tree
- The duals between Freddy and Jason.

Memorables characters
- Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund)
- Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger)

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters

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( 2004-01-19 )  

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