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Exorcist III, The

"Gemini kills from within his cell"

Fifteen years ago, year during which Regan MacNeil was exorcised by two priests that didnít survive the event, the despised serial killer known as Gemini is fried on the electric chair.

Today, new cadavers are found, signed like Geminiís victims. William Kinderman, a detective affected to the case, loses an old time friend in similar circumstances while being hospitalized. His investigation leads him to the psychiatric hall where he questions the patients. He meets a man who recently left an advanced vegetable state that strangely reminds him for Damien Karras, the last of the two priests to have tried to save Regan MacNeil.

William talks to the mysterious story teller for a long time. He claims to be Gemini and brags about horrible but true acts that he wouldnít possibly know if his story wasnít true.





First of all, Exorcist 3 is directed by the same man as the original: William Peter Blatty. The film doesnít surpass The Exorcist but remains in the same class, without using it as a mould. Instead, it draws information from where the original film left off and projects us a few years ahead, at least enough to extract Regan from the storyline. Things are better off this way; Exorcist 2 had made mistakes that this sequel avoids.

In any case, Exorcist 3 is slow and revolves around the characters, the locations and dialogues. There are two or three appreciably macabre scenes that happen at the most uncommon moments. I would have appreciated more: just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat during the whole film.

The first half of the film is boring, possibly because we donít know what to expect. In addition, thereís this Gemini fellow who is a bit ambiguous. Two actors give him life: Brad Dourif (Childís Play) and Jason Miller (The Exorcist). We must not only listen to him carefully to understand the reason but also accept it. It is this kind of extravagant detail that disconnected me from the film. Furthermore, it is overwhelmingly centered on the ecclesiastic world which gives it a much too proud look.

The Exorcist 3 is different and is worth watching. It is among the few that treat possession with the seriousness that is implied.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- An old patient walks on the sanitariumís ceiling, like a spider.

Memorables characters
- Gemini (Brad Dourif)

Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Drama

In the same series:
Exorcist, The

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( 2004-11-12 )  

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