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Puppet Masters, The

"For them, we are nothing more than puppets."

A space ship lands in Ambrose, a small American village in Iowa, and quickly becomes the center of attraction. At first, those who exit it are unrecognizable. Then, alarmed by this discovery, the science bureau agents arrive on the scene to investigate.

They confront their first alien when returning empty-handed to the cabinet. They live among humans and multiply at an exponential rate. They use humans as their means of transportation. At this rate, if nothing is done, the invaders will have taken over Earth in less than a week.





The first comment I have to make concerns Donald Sutherlandís presence in a film that doesnít fit him as well as Invasion of the Body Snatchers but resembles it for many reasons. He gets involved everywhere, even if he has no reason to. He plays the role of an old limping man that should avoid trying to be the hero. The story revolves around him, his son and an exobiologist. Their chemistry is bizarre, inconsistent.

The rhythm is also strange. I enjoyed that the action starts within the first five minutes but the fact that the headquarters were attacked so early, resulting in a never-ending armed pursuit, displeased me. The death of soldiers and police officers in a horror movie doesnít draw much sympathy from the audience.

The special effects, apart from a few exceptions, do a good job. Organic tissue stretching and tearing fly by during the whole film. This The Puppet Masterís main strength. Thereís nothing new concerning extraterrestrial invasions but it is always fun to watch them possess people. Here, they cling to a humanís back, drill a hole in the nape of the neck to go and control their brain. It is an interesting concept.

This filmís biggest flaw is that it isnít very intellectually challenging: every angle is predictable. Who will be the next person to be possessed? Your answer and the scenaristís will match. Regardless, it remains amusing, action-packed, direct and utilizes very interesting theories.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1994

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Invaders - Monsters - Science Fiction

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( 2004-11-16 )  

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