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Once Bitten

"Once bitten, the world around you changes"

Countess, a vampire who is hundreds of years old, must find pure blood extracted from a virgin man before Halloween in order to retain her eternal youth and beauty. This is not an easy task in the eighties.

Mark hasn’t lost his virginity and it’s not because he hasn’t tried. His girlfriend still refuses all sexual activities and he has had enough. Accompanied by two of his friends, he visits a dating bar for the first time where he meets Countess. She brings him home, charms him and bites him. Mark wakes up the next day with no recollection of the eve’s events. She assures him he was exquisite.

Mark slow starts changing. He sleeps in a trunk, whitens and becomes dreamy. Soon, he realizes he is under the Countess’s spell. She follows him everywhere and troubles his girlfriend.





As described, Once Bitten possesses all the elements required to be classified as a horror movie. In fact, it is toggles between parody and black humor. Its humor is unique but its context is intentionally clichéd (virgin teens, frigid girlfriend, loser friends and rich vampire).

This is Jim Carrey’s first leading role. We realize that he isn’t at his best yet but possesses natural talent. His facial expressions are more subtle than those he is known for today but they are definitely effective.

When the good jokes are assigned to the right actors, the film makes you laugh profusely, not just a cheap smile. Jokes about flirting, gays and transvestites abound. Surprisingly, they have nothing odious and can even be considered of good taste.

Two aspects displeased me. The first is the omnipresence of eighties songs. It doesn’t only play in the background but also completes certain scenes. This characteristic succumbs to the challenge of time. Secondly, there is a destructive choreographed dance scene. It replaces the necessary confrontation between Mark’s girlfriend and Countess with a weak pretext accompanied by a song.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Mark and his two friends, in the shared shower, trying by all means to verify if he has been bitten inside the thigh.
- Mark depressed about not being able to lose his virginity in a parking lot while the occupants of all the other automobiles are having sex.
- Mark’s friend locked in a dryer after fruitlessly flirting with an older woman.

Memorables characters
- Countess (Lauren Hutton)
- Mark Kendall (Jim Carrey)

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Comedy - Humor - Spoofs

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( 2004-11-24 )  

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