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Killer Condom

Luigi Mackeroni, a New York police detective, investigates on a wave of phallic mutilations that takes root in a hotel mainly visited by homosexuals.

At first, we are led to believe that prostitutes have committed these acts. However, Luigi quickly understand that voracious condoms are the culprits when one of his testicles is swallowed by one of them during a sexual relation in the aforementioned hotel. Driven by the desire of revenge, he goes hunting for preservatives.





We know that Luigi is Sicilian living in New York and that he is pretentious, homosexual and that he loves telling himself the story of his life. We know all of this because the film is simply dedicated to him. Sunglasses always hide his eyes, he always has an extinct cigarette on his lips and never shows any emotion. It is amusing during the first few minutes but it quickly becomes routine and of bad taste.

The film has the advantage of developing a phobia common among all men: the fear of losing one’s penis. This phobia could have been taken seriously here but it ends up becoming a two hour-long joke. Those who expect a rational explication to excuse Killer Condom’s ridicule will be pleased: the film thought one up! The problem is that it spends up too much energy on explaining the origins of flesh eating condoms. As if the resolution of this mystery was really our main concern. What did they think? That we were going to shout “Halleluiah”?

While the whole town lives in terror and the police officers don’t know what lead to follow, Luigi’s heterosexual colleague is sender in an undercover mission in a gay bar. He puts on a leather costume worthy of any S&M fantasy and Luigi inserts a yellow scarf in his right pocket, reassuring him that it is a passive message that will help him avoid sexual solicitations. Because I don’t want to spoil the “fun”, I will only reveal that this is only another pretext to the bad humor on which are built the foundations of Killer Condom.

Astonishingly, the finale is surprising. It almost makes sense in these circumstances. Sadly, the film’s morale is so obvious that it seems like a message of compassion of a charity and is therefore pitiful.

Killer Condom is a different film but for the bad reasons. Not everyone was born in the closet and it is by mistaking heterosexuals with homophobes that the film makes a fool of itself. I would have enjoyed reviewing this film according to its horror and comedy aspects but it covered in inadequate fantasies and jokes.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1996

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Comedy - Humor - Sexuality - Nudity

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( 2004-03-21 )  

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