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Darkness Falls

Kyle grows up scared of the dark. When he was child, after losing his last tooth, the ghost of a woman once called the Tooth Fairy tries to take his life. She fails in her initial task but redirects her energy onto his mother and succeeds. Ever since, Kyle avoids darkness. He barely sleeps and lives a stressful life.

Caitlin, his love interest before the trauma, resurfaces in his life because her son suffers from the same problem: achluophobia. Kyle initially denies the link between the two cases but when he learns that the child has just lost his last tooth, he must admit: the Tooth Fairy is back.





My opinion in regards to Darkness Falls is divided. The film kept me on the edge of my seat for the first half, probably because its introduction charmed me and that I expected the initial dark tone to be maintained throughout the film. Sadly, Darkness Falls quickly uses up all its elements. Let me explain myself.

There is the ghost of an old woman who was burned alive that comes to visit young children in their sleep. She is scared of sunlight and therefore only attacks during the night and only in the darkness. Furthermore, she walks on the ceiling and the walls. All of these elements seem to constitute the winning formula for a horror film but, however, they figured out a way to ruin this: the ghost is animated mainly by computers. This is the movieís main mistake; when well they learn? Also, if, according to legend, the Tooth Fairy attacks children why would it also have a field trip killing adults, especially police officers, throughout the film?

We all know the reason. This is a hypocritical vision that currently reigns in our society but that studios should try and break. I am talking about the invincibility of children in horror movies, especially when they are the main targets. In my opinion, this will change in the upcoming years. When logic will displace these emotions, we will create truly macabre horror films that will be worthy of the name.

The actors should have taken advantage of their talent to create better characters with real personality and real emotions. One again, it seems that effort was only put into the first half of the film. Itís like everything degenerates after the opening sequence.

The suspense is quite effective. The ghostís scream and movement patterns are petrifying. I truly enjoyed the narration of her legend and the net visual shots that accompanied it. Fans of violence will only end up seeing a few scratches. Most of the murders seem to have been cut out in post-production and, without spoiling the film, I can claim that no one important dies.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- The Tooth Fairy

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Monsters

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( 2004-03-21 )  

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