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Haunting, The (Remake)

A doctor reunites three adults in a large and macabre manor to perform an experiment. Unknowingly, the guests are taking part in research on reactions to fear.

Eleanor, one of the patients, has just been evicted. However, ever since she has entered the manor, a force seems to have welcomed her, as if she finally had found her true home.





Every time this film tries to scare you, it pitifully makes us of 3D effects and fails at the task. Thereís nothing less sinister than these computer generated graphics. Even though Jim Henson managed to spook us out with simple things such as puppets, this movie doesnít make use of anything other than CGI.

While this film is heavily based upon special effects, the 1963 original relied upon dialogue, sound and atmosphere. Therefore, it also isnít a good remake. On the other hand, its main strength is its cast. Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson play lighthearted but human characters that arenít so clichťd. Lili Taylorís character (Eleanor) disgusts me. She plays the role of a weak woman who is constantly sniveling; I just canít stand her.

The atmosphere and soundtrack resemble that of Rose Red and, for its part, the context is similar to House on Haunted Hill (Remake). The main difference here is that there are friendly ghosts. Great feature for a horror movie, donít you think? The finale is also for the weak at heart. No altercations, no final combats. The power of words settles all instabilities.

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Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Haunting

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( 2004-11-30 )  

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