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Irish Whisky

"Revenge from beyond the grave..."

Tom Wade, a troubled sailor, recounts his burden to a reporter in a tavern. He delivers a story of greed and revenge while savoring a bottle of Whisky.

One Friday afternoon, after everyone has left the office, Tom overhears a conversation in the adjoining cubicle about an important sum that was lent and must be repaid. Gilchrist, the usurer, claims to have as sole God his precious money. His interlocutor, Murray, is disgusted and irritated by his lack of indulgence.

Tom blames Gilchrist for his son’s death and, one day, he decides that the old egocentric man must pay. However, he would never have hoped for the help he was about to receive.





Sv Bell and Patric Aird opt for a mature thriller with a touch of fantasy filmed entirely in black and white. Rare are the stories that transpose well to black and white but this is one of them.

Irish Whisky’s characters are all men and they are all as cold. They talk like mobsters and resemble gangsters. Tom Wade’s constant narration reinforces this element. From a positive point of view, never does this short film lose its serious tone. Consequently, when drama yields to horror, you will already be in the ideal state of mind. However, sadness and fear are translated to aggressiveness in this tale. I would have appreciated more depth when the characters confront each other, especially because the altercations are mostly verbal. The development is a bit hard to follow: unfortunately, too many elements have been compressed. This is probably due to the fact that the story is adapted from a book written by Jean Ray in the 1950’s.

Visually, this film surpassed my expectations. The special effects are exquisite. In particular, the one of the character’s make-up is worthy of major Hollywood productions and gives way to a very macabre situation. The actors are credible and they lead the story when needed.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Gilchrist's tortured soul

Memorables characters

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Drama

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( 2004-06-08 )  

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