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London Voodoo

Lincoln and Sarah, an American couple, move to London with their daughter. Sarah was interested in an auctioneer job but left everything behind to allow her husband to obtain a better job here, in Europe.

Barely settled-in, they learn from the renovators that something seems to have been buried in the basement. Sarah investigates alone and ends up breaking a coffinís cover. An entity escapes from it and takes control of her body.

At first, the manifestations are brief and without consequence. Eventually, a man knocks at the door. Lincoln answers. "Your family is in danger: your wife is possessed" announces the man. Then, we meet a woman who imposes her friendship and appears to know a lot about the afterlife. Finally, Kelly, the new babysitter, seems far from trustworthy.

Everyone, the strangers in particular, feel that something isnít right with Sarah. Even she admits it. Her husband is the only one who doesnít fret as he is overwhelmed with work. Soon, he must face the reality that his wife is no longer the woman he first met. She now is a really nasty sex fiend.





This movie is a mix of occultism and exorcism. Here and there, we can see a character in a ceremony without knowing if itís a ritual of protection or a curse. In addition, all secondary characters serve the role of suspect at one moment or another, whether it be by their extreme kindness or by their pronounced interest in the small family. This fact introduces one of the aspects that bothered me the most in this film.

Even within the first thirty minutes, too many people seem to know what is happening at Lincoln and Sarahís home and the number of people aware of the situation increases exponentially until the end. If all these people, who understand the gravity of the situation, would have started working on the problem before the situation degenerated, they would have easily avoided this mistake. However, the film uses any pretext to lengthen itself, even if they are inconsistent with the storyline.

Thankfully, the actors are competent and this helps the film out. Sarah (Sara Stewart) doesnít recite her lines as I would expect but no one else affects the final product. The moments of violence are intense, the make-up is a success and the filmís general look and feel never reveals its limited budget.

It is easy to notice the analogies between The Exorcist and London Voodoo. In fact, this movie uses sensibly the same formula, without becoming as extreme. The story advances slowly but this isnít a problem given the omnipresent feeling that something bad is waiting for the appropriate moment to manifest itself.

Compared to most films with a similar budget, London Voodoo offers what most would call "true" cinema. It is comparable to films produced towards the end of the seventies.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A nose is bitten, almost torn off.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2004

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting - Religions

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( 2004-09-14 )  

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