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Salem's Lot

Ben Mears, author, returns to his hometown, Jerusalemís Lot, to find inspiration for his next novel. A new villager, Richard Straker, recently acquired an old home perched on the top of a mountain.

Ben constantly remembers his expeditions inside his homeís walls when he was a kid. What he saw traumatized him for life. However, all is not over. A malefic presence is about to govern the inhabitants of Salemís Lot and its awakening coincides with the arrival of Ben and Straker, the old antique dealer.





It is healthier to await a bookís second adaptation than one of the multiple remakes plaguing the beginning of the millennium. Salemís Lot is the second interpretation of Stephen Kingís commercially successful novel of the same name.

Jerusalemís Lot is reminiscent of Castle Rock village in Needful Things with its conflicting and vicious inhabitants. The term silence before the storm takes on a most particular definition here. The evil that is about to strike the village already seems to be watching the inhabitants. Power trips, rejection, hatred, drunkenness, adultery and incest are common place in this small town. Curiously, we still manage to sympathize with them when evil strikes. The reason for this is that we spend a good hour (of three) developing the characters.

Some will find that the film doesnít go anywhere. I agree that it is a bit slow but we are in good company. Rob Lowe is very appropriate for this role as he is the hero by choice. Donald Sutherland inherits a bit of airtime and while we donít witness his best performance, his presence is welcomed. The most human, the most truthful, character is in my opinion the one played by Andre Braugher. He is sympathetic, rational and vulnerable.

ĎSalemís Lot was broadcast in two parts on Turner Network Television on June 20th and 21st 2004. It is in fact a miniseries made for television. Even though dialogue is king in this production, it contains its share of special effects. It is in this area that we can sadly notice a budget barrier which is the filmís biggest defect.

The vampires of ĎSalemís Lot are darker and more savage that what we are used to seeing. The global atmosphere is also very particular. I better recognize Stephen Kingís style in this adaptation that in the Salemís Lot released in 1979.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A school bus infested with vampires.
- A human traitor murders in the name of vampires.

Memorables characters
- Ben Mears (Rob Lowe)
- The vampires

Released in: 2004

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Invaders - Monsters

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( 2004-10-22 )  

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