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Seed of Chucky

Shitface, a living doll enslaved by a fraudulent puppet master, breaks out of his cage and flees. It seeks to find those whom it believes are his parents: dolls built especially for a horror movie inspired by true events.

It travels to Hollywood where it reanimates Chucky and Tiffany. Chucky wants to baptize his offspring Glen while Tiffany prefers Glenda. In reality, Glen/Glenda is asexual and seeks to define his identity. Furthermore, its father would like his child to be a murderer and its mother questions their murderous habit and the influence they have on their child.

Tiffany would like to be reincarnated into the actress who lends her voice to her on the big screen, Jennifer Tilly. Chucky, for his part, will be content with any passerby.





The art of puppetry has always fascinated me. Frequently during my childhood, these animated creatures terrorized me to the point of having trouble withstanding the dark. The "Chucky" from Child's Play, the original, has never had any equals in my mind. He was an evil murderer, patient but unscrupulous, who was above all imprisoned in a doll.

Sixteen years later, Child's Play now offers a fourth successor. This franchise hadn’t deteriorated too much until now. Of course, Chucky wasn’t as scary as in this lugubrious debut, but still remained one of the most famous horror paradoxes. I have the regret to announce that Don Mancini, who authored the series and directed this last addition, just had a miscarriage. Seed of Chucky is in for the most part shameful for the fans and probably for Mr. Mancini himself.

From the first minutes on, a brief return to the film’s origins is made thanks to a stalk sequence filmed from the point of view of a doll whose identity is hidden. A child and his parents are implicated. This is one of the film’s best scenes but there’s a problem, a bad surprise, which I will not mention here to avoid spoiling the film. In addition, another scene, the most atmospheric one this time, plays the same trick on us and is as frustrating. It takes place in the days preceding Christmas, in a snow-covered cemetery visited by Santa Claus, carrying a bag of toys. I have rarely anticipated the evolution of a situation as it was the case here but I was once again quickly brought back to reality (well, at least not before offering us a pseudo massacre).

Seed of Chucky is very violent, the most violent to date. Blood splatters left and right and the deaths are horrible. They didn’t go cheat us out of this aspect. We’re never sure of who will bite the dust and in which order they will succumb. After all, Seed of Chucky has a family of murderers to its disposition.

Shitface’s sexual identity paves the way to various amusing situations. It is unfortunate that the new character was such a deception. The doll has been given two personalities, as conflicting as can be, but they simply aren’t believable. The doll doesn’t look like its from the same batch as Chucky and Tiffany and it is simply ugly (at least they got the name right). I was terribly disappointed by this lack of uniformity.

Thankfully, Brad Dourif still plays the role of Chucky and is infallible. Here, he demonstrates that he can play both an aggressive Chucky as we know him and a father figure. Jennifer Tilly comes back in the role of Tiffany but also in her own role (at least she personifies herself in the way we imagine her). She is excellent and was very amusing. Ironically, I preferred her in her “human” Tiffany role in Bride of Chucky. Moreover, why don’t we get to see the character “Actor Dourif” as well? Redman, who plays a much too important role for what he has to offer, should have given way to the latter and the film would have made more sense, given the context.

The special effects are flawless and the evil dolls are realistic. They are perfectly synchronized. The storyline doesn’t hold as it is riddled with discontinuities in respect to its predecessors and itself. Cherish the violent moments that Seed of Chucky has to offer because its humor is misplaced and coarse. If you ever had enough time on your hands to ponder what would possessed puppet’s genitalia, breasts and sperm look like, Seed of Chucky has the answers you seek.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- A man burnt alive by acid.
- A man is disemboweled.
- A woman is burnt alive.
- A decapitation.

Memorables characters
- Chucky (Brad Dourif)
- Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)
- Shitface/Glen/Glenda (Billy Boyd)

Released in: 2004

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters - Comedy - Humor - Taboos

In the same series:
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Child's Play 2
Child's Play 3
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( 2004-11-16 )  

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