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Pretending to know what the winning hand is, Adam, armed with a gun, interrupts a poker game in which Vaughn, the losing player, was about to lose everything. Adam's prediction shows to be accurate. Sitting on a park bench, Adam explains to Vaughn the dark story behind his divining powers.





Congratulations to Thomas Ikimi for brilliantly depicting his vision of Limbo: a world where I wouldn't want to live. The initial concept resembles Groundhog Day's, but in fact Limbo couldn't be less of a comedy. Thomas Ikimi's Limbo is such a terrible dimension that it gets you wondering how hell could be worse.

The script works well and the editing is very efficient, considering the non linear plot. Christopher Russo handles the part of an unstable hero stuck in a world that would drive anybody nuts. We cannot help but sympathize with him, even during his moments of cruelty. The philosopher in you might revisit his definition of good and evil. Indeed, Limbo makes you reflect on the meaning of your actions in a world with no repercussions.

The movie has its flaws but they can easily be overlooked. The dialogues are sometimes odd or too short and therefore they lose some of their importance. Furthermore, the extras donít melt into the background as they should; it hinders the overall flow of the movie. Some try too much and some others look uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I strongly recommend Limbo for its unique feel, a mix of confusion and sadness. It is intriguing and visually stylish. The finale is simple but brilliant. Limbo will surely mark you.

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Released in: 2005

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy - Drama

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( 2005-11-01 )  

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