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Hellraiser: Bloodline

"For hundreds of years, hell has been trying to break loose..."

Doctor Merchant has a goal: banish the portal to hell on a space station, in the 22nd century. His ancestor, decades before him, had built a cube that conjured powerful evil forces that havenít left earth to this day.





The third sequel in this series is the best, in my opinion. It begins by presenting a descendant of the Merchant who built the puzzle, in an extra-terrestrial future. Sitting in his ship, he controls a distant robot trying to decode the encryption of the box used throughout the series.

Then, the army gets involved and arrests him to ask him a few questions. This is how we are told the story of his two ancestors who have combated Pinhead.

The concept briefly reminded me of Back to the Future 2 where we travel through time, whether it be to the past, present or future. I donít know I am the only one who thinks like this, but this concept gave me the impression of watching a very long movie composed of three small stories. I loved it!

What I disliked the most was the futuristic period, followed by the present. However, what I loved in the past was the gothic feeling to the scene where a sorcerer sacrifices a woman by removing her skin and attaching it to a few hooks to reincarnate a cenobite, soldiers who obey Pinheadís commands.

The series has always been very violent and this episode does not differ from the rest. I also enjoyed this movie because the action never stops and the viewer is constantly interested in the film.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A mechanical hook decapitates the 20th century Merchant.
- Angelique has her skin torn off.
- A man having his skin torn apart by hooks on chains.

Memorables characters
- Pinhead (Doug Bradley)
- Valentina Vargas

Released in: 1996

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Gothism - Monsters

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( 2001-10-04 )  

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