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Doorway, The

"A open door for evil…"

Two guys and two girls are paid to clean an old abandoned home. A book on superstitions they find in the house teaches them that they are at an ancient site where satanic rituals and orgies happened hundreds of years earlier.

These legends are confirmed when the students are victims of a haunting: the eyes of dolls watch them, a young woman keeps appearing and a mysterious hand claws one of the girls.

The post-adolescents flee but their curiosity forces them to come back, accompanied by a specialist of occult subjects. The more they insist, the more they angry the occult force.





I no longer am deceived by low budget horror movies with weak scenarios. The first seconds of the movie show us an electrician, walking backwards into an electrical panel at 2 km/h and that dies in the following fireworks.

Another remarkable scene is when the hand with long claws, cut off at the wrist, caresses Susan and she accepts the explanation of her three friends: a hallucination. This leaves us one good minute to forget the gravity of the situation and lets us pass to a less dramatic one. After all, who wants to watch a twenty-minute movie?

The story is simple: it is a typical story of a haunted house in which a group of teenagers discover what they shouldn’t have. Add to this that they give an amusing first impression by being in a bad mood when the movie starts. This allows them to look friendlier when the horror starts.

The special effects are rare and aren’t noteworthy. The dialogue is plain. I recommend this movie because of a specific scene which petrified me : at the middle of the movie, one of the guys finds obscenities written in a document on a screen, dolls are placed in sexually explicit positions and a few other things as well. The incredible theory his girlfriend thinks up is that there may be a problem with the plumbing or wiring. This was sincerely the most noteworthy scene in the movie.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Evelyn piercing the eyes of a man in a bed.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting - Monsters - Nudity

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( 2001-10-04 )  

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