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Langoliers, The

"They are alone in the world…"

Ten plan passengers awaken from their trip to realize that all the others have disappeared but that their personal belongings are still in the same place. The pilots have also vanished and the plan will soon run out of gas.

In the ten passengers, a pilot for the same airline volunteers to land the plane. The airport that greets them is as empty as the plane. Something paranormal seems to have separated them from the rest of the world. This same thing also seems to know that they have avoided it and will come back to get them.





Signed Stephen King, this drama movie plunges us into a very singular situation where the different survivors, with strong personalities, attempt the impossible to try to fix a situation that surpasses their understanding.

The concept is excellent and most of the actors are good. The main problem is that 95% of the movie is talk. The horror atmosphere is present but before the ending, we don’t see anything graphic… and seeing the budget, all is good. The flagrant lack of quality is seen in the quality of the lens, the very slow rhythm and because the dialogues are sometimes weak. The special effects in the last twenty minutes are simply shameful. I will not tell too much so that I do not ruin the final revelation but once again, the low budget 3D effects killed a movie that was already weak.

This is the perfect movie for those who enjoy being told a story in all its details. The movie could easily have lasted thirty minutes and we would have understood everything. However, from time to time, this style is amusing. Mister Toomy, a schizophrenic that refuses to follow the others, is an amusing character that takes us away from the story by tearing paper sheets into thousands of pieces.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Mr Toomy shredding paper to chase the voices in his head away.

Memorables characters
- Craig Toomy (Bronson Pinchot)

Released in: 1995

Movie type: Horror - Science Fiction - Fantasy

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( 2001-12-02 )  

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