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>>>   >>  Click here to add your picture on the site  <<   <<<'s Tell Me The Truth beauty contest is a fun way to learn what other people think of you. Anyone can post their personal picture and learn how others rate it. As with other photo rating sites, you can rank a picture from one to ten but you can also try to guess the person's age and even compare two pictures to choose the most attractive person. If you're over 13 years of age, man or woman, you can post your picture here. There's one catch though! We're looking at creating a fair competition so no models are allowed. You can periodically change your picture and compare the ratings to discover the picture on which you look your best.

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Note: Tell me the truth has been created to be a fun way to find out what others think about you. To be accepted, a picture must be of a person over 13 years of age and it most not contain any publicity or nudity. Also, this person must not be a celebrity or a model. If a picture does not respect the previous criteria or if you just find it personally offensive, don't hesitate to complain.

The creators of this site wish to let you know that they cannot be held responsible for the contents of this section because it has been conceived to be run by the users. However, they do what they can to keep this site clean for all ages.

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