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3DMOL: The report

    If you do not know what 3DMOL is, here is where you will find out. These five articles will inform you on the project, its realization and the mathematics it uses.

A note from the authors: A brief note from the authors

Introduction: To help you grasp what our project is

The application: A basic 3D tutorial, no programming background needed.

The mathematics: Did you think that you would never use what you learned at school? You were wrong ! What you learned in your vector algebra class will be almost essential for you to understand this article.

Conclusion: A discussion on the goals we think we completed.

Here are a few screenshots from 3DMOL we think my interest you:

3DMOL: The code

    If you wish to create your own 3D engine, you will find the following files to be very helpful.

    The application does not use the mouse. However, if you have a joystick, it _should_ (no promises) work. The only one that has been tested is an old Gravis GamePad. We recommend you try using your joystick because the software is much faster when controlled by a joystick (as opposed to the keyboard)

    To be compiled, you must use DJGPP with an installed Allegro. For more information on the compiler and the graphical library, read the introduction. Please note that these applications have only been tested under Win98 and the the compatibility with other versions of Windows is unknown. Also, the software isn't a typical windowed application you might be accustomed to under Windows: it is in DOS. That is why we recommend that you only download these files if you have basic experience using DOS. compiled to work in 1024x768 (recommended), 1.2mb compiled to work in 800x600, 969k all the source file for the application (you must download one of the compiled versions to get the introduction bitmap that is needed to run the application after it has been compiled), 19k

Note: Use this program at your own risks, we are not responsible for the behaviour of the application on your computer.

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