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Join our mailing list!   Tell a friend about this site! is a web development company that has created an entertainment portal for your viewing pleasure. We offer Horror Movie Reviews, Online Macromedia Flash Games and even a Beauty Contest!

Proof of a supernatural phenomenon

I first want to thank you for being, still to this day, many to read my horror movie reviews. They were almost exclusively written by me, but Jason Kealey and I used to share the translation aspect (forgive us our spelling mistakes, in French and English!).

But my love for horror is, and has always been, impeccable. Like yours. I’ve worked in the video game, film and illustration industries. Considering marketing principles and dark things are often perceived as a bad mix, even an artist who is a fan of horror, who could otherwise actually do horror, ends up drawing for kids, making music for publicity spots, or get really good at math or in other tasks related to his or her skills, before finally lighting his or her first monster, writing a first script, or shooting a first budgeted movie.

I have a couple of horror-related projects in the making that I will share here, later on. I therefore didn’t abandon the horror section of

I present to you today my first book, “Your Power: Tangible Occult”.

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To most people, this book is published under the “self-improvement” / “personal coaching” genre on, our original publisher. Let’s not hide from the fact that many of us, horror fans, have impressed an interest for the occult, the “dark arts”. After all, aren’t real magic and the supernatural where half our movies take their roots from?


This book pretends being able to prove certain notions of the occult, of magic, or of any of their synonyms. I am persuaded that any magic becomes nothing more and nothing less than science once the secret is revealed.

I have a power and I do not know what to make of it. I have a scientific mind and I want to broadcast the formula to engage and propagate discussion. The trick leading to the power I write of is simple, easy, and much easier than most things people are ready to accomplish simply to acquire the illusion of “power”.

I recommend my book to temporary or permanent fans of supernatural and the occult.

The book can be purchased by clicking on the banner above!

I invite you, especially, horror movie fan, who kept giving a sense to my work across the years, to write to me for more details on YOUR POWER at steve[at]shade[dot]ca or to visit the official site.

Have a good read,

Steve Hutchison

Steve  ( 2012-08-19 )

Broken Wings on Facebook

Broken Wings on Facebook
It’s been three years since Broken Wings was first released all over the Web.

The following year, we upgraded the game six times. Each new version included either a new fail-safe, a new level, more weapon flexibility and/or fixed bugs.

At one point, we even implemented a new steering mode, the “Automatic” handling, to reduce inertia, pleasing the fans who just couldn’t keep up with the mayhem.

All this work payed off, making Broken Wings one of the most solid, awesome and epileptic Flash games out there!

Newgrounds, our sponsor and friend, makes this project all the more awesome as it allows us to update the game at will while propagating our changes and upgrades everywhere this game is broadcasted on the Web.

Today, we are proud to announce we are launching Broken Wings as a Facebook application. It is still free to use, it still kicks ass, but soon you’ll need to remember and take your breath between levels if you want to live to tell your friends about it. What’s more, you just might get to compete against them in a near future as we are planning some cool updates and a more in-depth Facebook integration.

Visit Broken Wings’ Facebook page now

Steve  ( 2011-04-19 )

The Horror Icons Memory Game

We have just released a new game for horror movie fans.

In this crazy version of the classic memory game, immerse yourself in the world of famous horror movie icons.

Match two identical icons to eliminate them from the board. Every emptied board leads to a new and more difficult one.

Use colors, motion, icon placement, or the monsters' names to help you memorize.

Play Horror Icons!

Steve  ( 2008-10-27 )

Broken Wings

With its six stages, a ship & weapon upgrade system and an adrenaline-inducing soundtrack by A Plot Against Me, this modern take on classic space shooters mixes elements from fighting, side-scrolling, shooting and role playing games.

Jason  ( 2008-04-03 )

Web Design Portfolio v3.0 Now Online

We've launched our new corporate website. It contains some new items that we finally got around to adding. In this version, we're moving away from the safe corporate look & feel. Our new look represents the type of web design we want to be doing in the future: websites that need creative web design. We're not about quantity, we're about quality, and hope you'll request our services for your next project!

Steve decided to showcase his versatility by including some funky Flash animations, included videos, 3D characters, 2D characters and simply great web design. I came in and forced him to use some non-Flash navigation and plugged-in a multilingual content management system.

As you know, we’re based in Gatineau, Québec, Canada, but we have customers from all over the world. Maybe you’ll be the next one!

Jason  ( 2007-12-04 )

StatSVN 0.1.1 Released

One of the side projects that we've been working on has just been released:

StatSVN has released its first official public version. Try it out today!

StatSVN retrieves information from a Subversion repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project development, e.g. timeline for the lines of code, contribution of each developer etc. The current version of StatSVN generates a static suite of HTML documents containing tables and chart images. StatSVN is open source software, released under the terms of the LGPL, based on StatCVS.

Visit or our SourceForge project page for more details.

Jason  ( 2006-11-07 )

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