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"This house is the den of madness…"

A novelist locks himself up in the residence of his late aunt in order to write about his past in the war of Vietnam. His memories come back to him in the form of apparitions. The ghosts of his son, his aunt and a former friend from Vietnam return to haunt him.

At midnight, a spirit comes out of the cupboard and tries to lure him in its dimension, within the walls. Armed with rifles, the novelist will try to drive out the force.





The case of the film, which is the same for the complete series, is very attractive. The film itself, on the other hand, resembles to a bad copy of Evil Dead. The hero is not really heroic, the suspense is not really stressing and the violence is not at all seizing.

House is at the same time a horror, comedy and war movie. The horror and comedy create an amusing mixture but the scenes of war, which pretty much resemble the fantasies of the producer, are completely inappropriate, banal and incoherent.

The first five minutes seemed to introduce a good movie and the final battle was amusing. The scene where the hero’s ex-wife comes back to haut him but is transformed into an extraterrestrial inflatable doll was definitely too much. However, it doesn’t beat the resurrection of the son who drowned without any apparent reason.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Roger shooting his ex-wife, thinking he is fighting an inflatable monster.
- The fight between Roger and the zombie soldier.

Memorables characters
- The zombie soldier
- The inflatable monster

Released in: 1986

Movie type: Horror - Haunting - Monsters - War - Fantasy - Humor

In the same series:
House IV

Films in similar category:
House IV
13 Ghosts
Night Life
Howling III: The Marsupials

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( 2001-12-03 )  

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