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"A cursed movie.."

Many producers have attempted, throughout the years, to end a movie in which an evil spell seems to have been cast. The rumour is that every time they try, the set turns into a blood bath.

Fifteen years after the last events, a young producer brings an up-and-coming cinematographic team to the same location where these events happened. She also invites the two murder survivors to witness the filming.

The legends are revealed to be true and the death count rises drastically.





This movie is Australian. It is an American style horror movie but many things remind us of its Australian roots: a head that rolls on the floor with many expressions, the murderer that winks at its victims before decapitating them and there are many paranormal behaviours and hair styles that are never explained.

Suspense wise, this movie is awful. However, in terms of originality, it is a bit better. The conclusion is not very well thought of but, sadly, just like in too many horror movies, there is a special trick to help vanquish the bad guy without working too hard.

The actors are not too attractive and share a common sexual orientation, which gives an eccentric side to the movie. The deaths are very creative. The scenario is very simple and filled with jokes that make us jump for no reason, but this movie is still a nice old-style slasher movie that reminds us of the 80ís.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A victim has his throat pierced and continues to live and fight the killer.
- A decapitation followed by a head that continues to express feelings.
- A cameraman has his eye pierced.

Memorables characters
- The killer

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2001-12-31 )  

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