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"In every room, a surprise awaits them..."

Seven characters are suddenly prisoners in a room after being teleported there. They have no idea why they are there. Furthermore, none of them knows any of the others. By adventuring into the adjacent rooms, they realize that traps surround them. Each room is shaped like a cube and has six doors. Each door leads to a similar room. Only a few of them are deadly but if they wish to stay alive, staying put is not the solution.





It is amazing to see how far a movie can go with seven actors, one room, different coloured neon lights and a few pieces of metal. The actors are very good and very credible. The movie is presented somewhat like a Stephen King film (characters immersed in a situation that is out of their control and they try everything to flee) but it is a good pretext for great special effects.

There is an element in this movie that I have rarely seen before which surprised me. It disorients the spectator even more than he is already: the personalities of the individuals seem to change in different circumstances. As to not reveal anything from the ending, I will only say that not one of the initial team members, who has survived, is the same in the last twenty minutes.

Briefly, and by warning, I will say that this movie is impossible to compare with any other, that it is very entertaining and that every second must be enjoyed without asking for an explanation. Those who seek logic will be deceived…

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Rennes has his face sprayed with acid and his cranium caves in.
- Alderson is chopped into cubes by a metallic grid.

Memorables characters
- Kazan (Andrew Miller)
- Rennes (Wayne Robson)

Released in: 1997

Movie type: Gore - Science Fiction - Technology

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( 2001-12-31 )  

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