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Child's Play 2

"The doll that refuses to be replaced!"

The makers of the Play Pal toys have studied what could have caused the spreading of a rumour of a murderous doll. They have rebuilt it and everything seemed normal until the murders start once more.
Andy, still troubled by the events, is taken away from his mother, who is believed to be crazy. He is put in an adoptive family who have already helped children with special cases in the past. Andy finds a Good Guy doll, the same model than the murderous doll that haunted him. To chase his fears, he keeps it by his side.

However, when the child sleeps, Chucky takes the place of the puppet to get closer to the boy. He still wants to transfer his soul into his body. Andy's new family will have trouble believing this!





I love the mix of children related fears and horror. This doll seems nice and is colourful, but still is able to cause fear. This sequel makes us re-enter the nightmare of a young helpless boy who tries to run and sees everyone die around him. The cliché where the adult punishes the kid, blaming him for what he has done and then finally understanding that the child was right just before dying is very appropriate but maybe a bit overused. It works but is shocking.

Chucky comes back with new frustrations and swears. He is better built than in the original and has more things to say. Also, because the fact that he is really living is no longer a mystery for the spectator, we see him walk, talk and act freely throughout the film.

What I disliked is again the use of children as heroes. Heroes don't die often and children, even less. This greatly diminishes the suspense. However, everything surrounding Andy finishes in blood so an equilibrium is established. I really liked the fact that Chucky finally finished his magic formula that is supposed to transfer his soul into Andy’s body, even though it didn't work as expected.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Chucky's arm is torn off and he replaces it with the blade of his knife.
- Chucky's head is inflated by air.
- Chucky showing his frustration against the Tommy doll.

Memorables characters
- Chucky / Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif)

Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2002-01-05 )  

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