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House on Haunted Hill

"$10,000 for a whole night spent in a haunted manor..."

Five people are offered 10000$ each if they survive a whole night inside a mansion with a murderous past. They are not sure of what they should fear: the ghosts or their peers.





Evidently, I wouldn't have seen this movie for any other reason than compare it with its remake. Black and white movies have always disinterested me. They may have surprised people way back when, but lets be realistic, Hollywood has constantly been trying to improve the situation and they succeed quite well.

Vincent Price is perfect but the others are dreadful. Once again, I will not try to slip into the context of the era because I am watching this movie in 2001 and it is frankly boring. At a certain point, an old woman appears and floats to the ground and I was even startled. At that moment, I was convinced that the movie wouldn't be that bad. However, it was the only startling moment of the movie. The house is not filled with traps and there are no ghosts. A few elements can be found in the remake (notably the hosts) but nothing more.

The ending is terrible. The final punch was unexpected but has no sense. One of the guests ends the movie by saying something like "Death will now take me ... and will then find you!" to the camera. I would have appreciated if that idiot had said a sentence like that at the beginning of the movie so that I could have saved 75 minutes of my time.

Final Thoughts

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- Frederick Loren (Vincent Price)

Released in: 1958

Movie type: Horror - Haunting - Drama

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( 2002-01-06 )  

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