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"Seven children will never look at a clown the same way..."

Seven children of about 12, reunited by their friendship and by being rejected by others, seem to be the only ones conscious of the disasters that are happening in their home town. Some children die or disappear in mysterious circumstances.

Bill’s brother has also died in a suspicious manner. He was tossed into the sewers, to a point where his arm was torn off. Bill has a hard time accepting the facts and feels guilty. At the beginning, he has visions. His brother’s ghost haunts him. But, by talking about it with some friends, he realizes he is not the only one. They all get regular visits from the same clown. This clown is vicious, evil and powerful. He is a master of illusion.

The past of this town is not spotless and the current events could be linked to its past. The children investigate on what they could have in common. They want to take this situation into their own hands and get rid of what they consider being the devil and, surprisingly, they succeed.

When they are about thirty, everything seems to be going great for them: they all have a career, a family life but oddly enough, no children. Suddenly, Mike, the only one of the children who stayed in Maine, receives a visit from the clown they believed dead. He invites his six childhood friends to once again reunite to combat this malefic force.





This story is very interesting. I am convinced that the novel must have been incredible but what makes “It” another weakness in American cinema is that is a made for TV movie. Stephen King has a habit of making a fool of himself with these kinds of movies, which is pretty saddening.

The actors, on the other hand, are marvellous. We easily are attached to them. A good part of the movie is set in 1960, the children come from poor families and from a mildly violent neighbourhood but become nice people with time. It is not only a good lesson in life but, furthermore, I was nostalgic during the whole movie.

The special effects are without a doubt the handicap of the movie. The film its self is very slow and composed of small stories, that help us better understand the past of the characters during an undetermined period. In the middle of the movie, the characters, which were only about twelve years old, combat “It”. The way they succeed is totally awful. They never even though of bringing sticks or stones with them. Then, in the second part of the movie, they try again, desperate to succeed what they failed in their childhood. Believe it or not, they try in the same stupid manner.

While the dialog is well though out, I found a few lines and moments awkward. For example, nearing the end of the movie, Eddie tosses a comment that resembles: “I am virgin because I could never sleep with someone that I do not love. And I have never loved anyone… except you, my friends!”. Mysteriously, the friends in question do not seem top react badly to this commentary, so I tried to forget it.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Pennywise tears the ground of a community shower to free himself.

Memorables characters
- Pennywise (Tim Curry)

Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Haunting - Monsters - Fantasy - Drama

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( 2002-01-25 )  

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