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"He wears the mask of psychopathy..."

Henry has always been walked on. A few people appreciate his simplicity but most take advantage of him. He complains in silence and continues to be manipulated until the day where a co-worker explains her interest for masks. She explains that when wearing a mask, you become who you want to be.

The next day, when he looks at his face in the mirror, his face has disappeared. He tries, inv ain, to remove what seems to be a mask only to realize that it is his new skin. Remembering what his friend said to him, he takes advantage of the situation to get revenge. His boss, maid and girlfriend are all in the line of fire. He has trouble saying incognito as his world capsizes but he doesn’t care about the consequences, as long as he kills all those who have betrayed him.





The idea behind Bruiser is very interesting. There is no explanation on how the main character loses his identity and, furthermore, we don’t get any feeling of a fantasy world. Anyways, it is possibly better this way because we don’t have to waste our time listening to some occult explanation to the happenings.

The actors are excellent. Peter Stormare is simply brilliant in the role of the boss that everyone wants to kill. He is petty, manipulator and stinking rich. He owns a monthly magazine called Bruiser. From the start, we understand the complicity between Henry and his boss’s wife.

To make things even more interesting, Henry’s girlfriend cheats on him with his boss. Furthermore, Henry surprises the maid, believing to be alone in the house, stealing silver items in the home. When he accuses her, she plays the innocent by asking “which objects”? He hits her over the head with the bag filled with the stolen items. It was probably the most satisfying moment in the movie.

The biggest problem with Bruiser is that when Henry obtains his special power, he ruins everything by talking, not hiding and by staying where he has spent his life, so everyone recognizes him anyways. And basically, I wonder if it is really a power to be prisoner of a mask while the whole town is looking for a mask wearing murderer. The finale is a bit pushed, too technological and unrealistic for me, but will probably please some.

Briefly, it is a small film that I recommend to all horror fans. Momentarily, it reminded me of American Psycho but I prefer this one.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The maid is hit on the head because she swears not having stolen anything
- Henry hallucinates his own suicide with a revolver.

Memorables characters
- Henry Creedlow (Jason Flemyng)

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy - Drama

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( 2002-02-06 )  

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