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Amityville Curse, The

"Amityville has more than just one hauted house..."

A group of friends in their forties moves into a house in Amytiville. Just like the famous haunted house they came to see, and that they did not find, they new home has a mind of its own.

Each day, the new inhabitants witness bizarre events but the gravity of the incidents increases and the house turns out to be dangerous. The citizens of Amityville warn the large family that a priest was assassinated fifteen years ago, in a chapel not far from the house, and that the confessional module, along with many other religious objects, was stored in their basement.





All those who watch this movie before its predecessors will have an awful image of Amityville. This movie does not take place in the famous house but in a Canadian home that tries to look like it is from the same town. It is saddening to see that a serious series has become a joke to try to help a producer that will never really become successful.

This movie is incredibly slow. Once in a while, an incident happens which is followed by ten minutes of dialogue between 40 year-old adolescents. After all, what would five adults that all move into the same house talk about other than adolescent subjects.

The haunted house lacks atmosphere. Because the actions usually happen during the day and because of the comic background, the story becomes boring. Things get better at the end of the movie and even become interesting. After a bit of violence followed by a pursuit, an irrational yet predictable explanation ends the movie.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1990

Movie type: Horror - Haunting

In the same series:
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( 2002-02-10 )  

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