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Blair Witch Project, The

"They shot a documentary... about their own deaths."

Three cinematography students adventure into the woods of Burkittsville, an area supposedly haunted by a witch during the last decade. They start their research by interviewing the villagers, by asking them questions on their opinions and experience to try and know more about the legend.

Then, they head to the woods. They walk for over an hour, without showing any experience in the matter: they have no tools. The walk is longer than they imagined and they settle for the night. The walk continues and the students try, however poorly, to hide their bad feelings about the woods. The three cameramen must come to the fact that they are lost.

The woods are not calm at all. All that the group of friends wants is to go back home but the woods keep them prisoner and makes them go in circles. Their nights are haunted by the laughs and cries of children. Each time they awaken, a bad surprise awaits them.





It is a miracle that this movie was attracted so many people. Interesting fact: the majority of horror fans will not watch this movie more than once in their lifetimes, which is a bad sign. The trick with this movie is to believe in it or to force yourself to believe in it. The suspense isnít created by macabre music or by special lighting techniques. In fact, it comes from the omnipresence of the cameras that the three main characters drag along and the serious and admirable task of the actors who give their 110%.

Blair Witch Project deserves a medal for voluntarily misleading millions of people. Its publicity was based on the lie that the scenes filmed were those found after the disappearance of the three characters. Thanks to the Internet, a part of the population was warned in time, but the rest were victims of the scheme. It took nothing more to make a film crew rich and sadden a part of the public: I am part of this group.

The story is incredibly slow, often in black and white and despite the fact that the cameras film continuously, we donít see much. It is easy to get involved in the movie but I advise you do not: the ending might greatly deceive you. It is a research finale, macabre which made me shiver and smile. However, I was disappointed because I didnít get to see what I awaited during the whole movie.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting

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( 2002-02-12 )  

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