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Halloween III: Season of the Witch

"A special way to celebrate Halloween…"

An old man visits a hospital but the during the night of his arrival, a man murders him. The doctor in charge of the patient is interested by the case and when he finds a suspicious Halloween mask in the hands of the victim, he begins his own investigation. He teams up with the daughter of the victim, who has sworn revenge.

What started as revenge becomes much more mystical than a simple vendetta. Clues point to a toy factory where Halloween masks are made.

By digging a bit deeper, the investigation leads to believe that something evil is hidden inside the walls of this factory. All the children love these masks and on Halloween, a special show will be broadcasted across America for all those who wear a Sylver Shamrock mask. The scheme behind this is that the melody in the show will activate a chip in the mask and will transform each child into a mass of insects.





Those who think they will meet good old Michael Myers will shed a tear. Halloween 3 only uses this name to help its popularity. It is, compared to the rest of the series, what A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge is for its series, and even worse.

Apart from this fact, the movie is interesting and somewhat unique for its style. The first exclusive element is that the victims are children and that they actually die. However, the deaths are implicit but the violence is still very graphical yet more disgusting than painful. The suspense atmosphere is still present in this episode.

The story forks a few times, in an incoherent manner, making the movie suffer greatly. For example, the character that we thought human and that has all interest in being one finally reveals himself as a cyborg, without any apparent reason. Most people would hire a professional spy to accomplish such a mission, unless having money to burn.

The finale is intense. I would have preferred seeing more than this insulting ending, which concludes the whole point of the movie. All ends and we haven’t seen what we have been awaiting since the start of the movie.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A child is transformed into a pile of insects, right in front of his parents. - A woman is pulverized by manipulating the mask’s label a bit too early.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1982

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy

In the same series:
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Halloween: Resurrection

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( 2001-12-24 )  

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