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Jeepers Creepers

"These kids should have minded their own business."

Trish and Darryl, brother and sister, driving along a deserted road, see a macabre man toss what resembles dead bodies down a pipe that leads down into the ground, next to a church.

They decide to go and take a look while the individual is absent. However, he knows that they were there and also knows all of their movements. The man wants to make them suffer the same fate as the dissected bodies that are stocked in the basement of the church.





The movie begins with a sarcastic conversion between the main characters, brother and sister, who are headed to their parent’s house. We quickly understand that the action will take place in this small countryside village.

I enjoy the formula where the action takes place in a location that is unknown to the main characters, that is deserted and mysterious. Furthermore, because there are only two main characters, there is no serial killer or secret killer, thus increasing the suspense level. I would estimate that one third of the movie respects this rule. Then, after our heroes decide to annihilate the mysterious man, only to learn that failed, the movie takes the appearance of any typical monster movie. In fact, I had the feeling I was watching Aliens. This new turn will last until the end of the movie.

The first part is excellent. The suspense is well planned out. What amused me the most in this movie, is the antique military vehicle that the creature drives: an armored vehicle that resembles both a truck and a train. The weapon assigned to the killer is an axe, but not any axe. Unfortunately, it only appears in one scene.

The two major details that displeased me the most are everything after we learn that the mysterious man is actually a creature and the paranormal stupidity of the heroes. I thought Darryl was the only dumb one but when his sister tried to stop him from going back to check if anyone in the hole was still alive, my opinion changed. He only had to tell her something like “What if you were a victim, would you like it if I didn’t go check if you were still alive?” to make her change her mind. On a few other occasions, we witness a few other illogical things of the sort. Best leave logic aside while watching Jeepers Creepers.

What was impertinent but may please some is that we learn that the macabre man is actually a beast disguised as one. On the other hand, it creates a contrast with what we usually see on the big screen, in terms of horror.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Thriller - Monsters - Fantasy

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( 2002-02-18 )  

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