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Faust: Love of the Damned

"The obsession for revenge keeps him alive..."

Unable to forget the murder of his girlfriend, John considers suicide. When he was about to jump, a man and his girlfriend stop him. They offer to sign a pact in exchange of the power of vengeance.

He is quick to chase his enemies and slaughter them. Then, a clause in the contract that he had forgotten to read comes back to haunt him. The man who saved him from suicide is actually a demon and he now has control over John, thanks to the contract. John must kill and each sacrifice will be an offering to the devil.

John rebels and refuses to kill anymore. The demon sends him to hell, from where he quickly comes back because he doesn’t accept having been dominated. He is an object of revenge and will obtain revenge…





Faust is an adaptation of a comic book for adults: violence and eroticism are present. It is a mix of Batman, Spawn and Wolverine that jumps awkwardly from wall to wall to save the woman in peril.

Everything except for the character named Faust is addressed to a mature audience. The problem is that the makeup is so rudimentary and his clothing so toy-like that we think he his a Disney character. When John becomes a super-hero, he becomes even less menacing than usual. The fact that the camera zooms out in three phases to help the hero metamorphose to minimize costs does not help his credibility either. The movie is incredibly pretentious on many other elements. For example, some of the combat scenes suggest that the hero knows how to fight and has the ability to jump from wall to wall by enchantment while the man actually defends himself as well as a banana.

On the other hand, two horror movie legends revitalize this movie: Jeffrey Combs and Andrew Divoff. It seems they were asked to take the roles that made them famous and modify them a bit. Claire is a sado-masochist who, instead of welcoming her guests with coffee, rides them (litterally): addition that surprised yet pleased me. The finale (after which nothing interesting happens until the credits) is a scene of sado-maso-lesbo-flagelation between M’s wife and the prude psychiatrist who broadens her horizons, for everyone’s pleasure.

It is a movie to see at all costs. It is ridiculous but is wanted. The violence scenes are well realized and some are really well thought of.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A spell is cast on Claire which makes her chest and behind grow until there is not enough skin left for her face.
- Claire has a snake taken out of her belly button.
- A mass suicide.
- Decapitations, dismemberments, impalements.

Memorables characters
- Claire (Monica Van Campen)
- M (Andrew Divoff)

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Gothism - Monsters - Fantasy - Taboos - Nudity

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( 2002-02-18 )  

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