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"It's a game inside a game."

The creator of a line of virtual reality toys is attacked during a conference where he was demonstrating his new prototype. His marketing agent has the duty to take him far away to protect him from the terrorists who do not appreciate his audacity against human nature.

They hide in a motel where Allegra, the mastermind behind the project, wants to share her creation with her protector. These games, however, necessitate a cervical orifice located in the bottom of the spine and Allegra’s new friend condemns and scorns this new technology, by fear and principles. Still, Allegra’s charm convinces him and he has the chip implanted and joins the game.

The goal of the game is not obvious, the clues are hazy but the atmosphere is palpable. The wall between this new world and the one the player already knows is very thin and the dangers that confront him are not taken lightly.





Nothing is more refreshing than a movie that is different and as well researched as this one. However, the movie is still a labyrinth of illogical events which, for the most part, are explained by themselves at the very ending. The characters make us believe, at a certain moment, that there is a goal to the game, which is not false, but it is only dust in the spectator’s eyes.

Also, ExistenZ does not follow the usual scenario (characters, problem, defeat, retreat, counter-attack, victory) but opts for a scenario filled with nuances bordered by a satisfactory introduction and conclusion. I could have easily watched this movie during four or five hours because it is so interesting and complex. The finale will surprise everyone. It is a bit predictable but not in its complexity.

Jennifer Jason Leigh successfully interprets a character of surprising complexity and sensuality. Furthermore, many subtle details make this work unique. For example, while in the game, regardless of how realistic it is, the non-players intellectually block when the conversation leads no where. Another subtle detail that confused yet pleased me is the first character we meet, who seems played by the worst of all actors. Then, after their short conversation, Allegra explains that he is only a “bad character”.

ExistenZ is a rental that you shouldn’t miss. It is a futuristic film alone in its category and, also, does take elements from other films.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Ted builds a gun by assembling the pieces of bone left from the meat he just finished eating.
- The video game cable that is inserted into the base of the spinal cord.

Memorables characters
- Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh)

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Science Fiction - Technology - Fantasy

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( 2002-03-05 )  

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