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"When universities lack bodies to dissect..."

Paula, having proven her competence, has been accepted into a prestigious medical college. In the train that brings her there, a student who is also headed to the college has a cardiac problem and she helps him recover consciousness.

Things are odd in this college but become even more concrete when Paula has to dissect the body of the man she saved a few days earlier.

Eyes wide open, she now wonders what is really going on behind the closed doors of the college. It seems that an ancient cult is responsible for the odd happenings and for the other studentís deaths. The members of this cult kidnap students and dissect them while they their victims are still conscious.





Foreign films help us learn new things, as much as what should be avoided than what should be assimilated. It its singularity, Anatomie shows American influences that, sadly, are nothing new to us. The trick for these countries is to take what their people cherish and combine it with some of Hollywoodís moneymaking strategies.

While this movie is excellent, it is for this reason that the film doesnít seem to know where itís going. Its development is captivating and from the first scenes; we know that we will have to guess who is a part of the cult because we witness the dissection of a student who awakens during his operation and sees himself be decomposed into many pieces, unable to react. The two doctors wears masks and the room is dark, making it impossible for the spectator to see their faces.

A good part of this movie implants, in a simple story, diverse elements to avoid a repetition of explicit bloody scenes. Anatomie, from the first moments, gives us the impression of being the type of movie where guts, brains and eyes are maltreated. However, this is not true. The dissections are for the most part suggested but the concept is presented in an obscure context: the bodies of the murdered students are used to help the living students comprehend how the human body is built; their cranium becomes a drawer and their rib cage is used as a door. It is a projection that may seem far-fetched but it is not that unrealistic.

The movie has its flaws and there are many. For example, it is hard to imagine that a group of soon-to-be doctors, who are excellent in their field, risk to lose everything just for the reason given at the end of the movie. Any excuse would be unrealistic anyways. Then, there is the inevitable confusion that this movie inflicts on its viewers because it tries to do too much. This movie tries to be a violent psychopathic-slasher movie filled with surprises, with an occult aftertaste. It is very annoying.

Finally, added to all the technical problems, there is something that doesnít work. I donít know if it is due to the German culture, the producerís phantasms or to censorship but nude men abound yet we donít even see a pair of breasts, regardless of how many opportunities the producers had.

I have a lot of trouble accepting that Mr. Stefan Ruzowitzky has simply wanted to please the female viewers because he doesnít cease to imitate the current trends, except for this fact. Does he try to kill a horror movie habit? Lets hope this it what will send him to the producer cemetery because I prefer very heterosexual horror movie heroes.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A student awakens to realize that he is on an operating table, his members torn off and in full operation.

- A student has his torso opened with a scalpel.

Memorables characters

Released in: 2000

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Thriller - Invaders

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( 2002-03-06 )  

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