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American Werewolf in London, An

"Wolves are always bigger on the other side..."

David and Jack pay themselves a trip to England. When they step foot into a rustic inn in a village near London, they are warned about the legends of the town. Leaving the village satisfies them yet they donít believe the legends.

However, they just happen to get lost in the plains and hear wolf-like howls nearby. They try to hide but the monster attacks and strikes their necks. Jack dies but David survives. He is brought to a hospital in London where a nurse looks after him.

Nightmares and visions haunt him. He has trouble distinguishing reality from his hallucinations. His friendís ghost visits and orders to kill himself before the next full moon by explaining that his death will break the spell, freeing both of their souls. David, unable to kill himself, prefers to think that he dreamed this encounter.

A special relation between him and the nurse develops. She lodges him at her place when she leaves for work. The full moon is quickly approaching and David starts to have doubts in himself. As he feared, he transforms into a werewolf and kills a few people. He doesnít remember much, but knows what happened. He also knows that it will happen to him again tonight, because tonight is, once again, the full moon.





Here is a film that doesnít show its age. It was released in 1981 yet is still impressive by the audacity of its special effects. To this day, filmmakers have trouble showing us explicit transformations in detail. In An American Werewolf in London, this scene lasts two minutes where we donít try to hide the transformation to the spectator. We are presented with only one scene, but it is given to us as it should be.

The main actors are excellent yet the less important characters sometimes lack in quality. The ďlove storyĒ between David and Alex is interesting because, for once, we admit how frequent it is to have sexual relations with someone before being romantic. Their story is very credible and recent authors should take notes.

The violence isnít pushed to the extreme, visually, but it is subjective. The film, taken as a whole, is a bit long due to the sometimes-useless explanations. A few of Davidís nightmares donít help the story and are only vaguely related to the subject. The soundtrack is an important part of the film, most importantly during the metamorphosis, guided by the notes of "Blue Moon". While the rhythm is totally inappropriate for the scene, it gives it a sadistic side.

In conclusion, I recommend this movie. It inspired Michael Jacksonís ďThrillerĒ video and we understand why. From the howls of to wolf to his peering eyes, the suspense is will installed. It will be engraved in the minds of werewolf movie fans.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The first metamorphosis

- Jackís ghost, his face torn by a claw.

Memorables characters
- Jack's ghost
- The werewolf

Released in: 1981

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Thriller - Monsters - Humor

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( 2002-03-13 )  

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