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Jason X

"If space doesn't kill him nothing will..."

A space ship with a crew consisting of students on an expedition from Earth 2 discovers an abandoned cryogenic research laboratory where cadavers cover the floor. Almost half a century has passed since Jason Voorhees, the serial killer from Crystal Lake, ravaged the site. He was finally captured but, unfortunately, all attempts to execute him fail because he always comes back to life. Everything was tried but nothing was strong enough. That is why the decision was made to keep him frozen until the day where a miracle solution would be thought up. However, a few moments before the completion of the task, Jason tried to escape and murdered his executioners. A woman succeeded in fighting him but ended up getting frozen with him, up until today, where the group of students discovers them.

Jason and Rowan are brought to a thawing table, where they slowly recover consciousness. Rowan, still under shock, tries to convince the crew to eject Jason into space but the professor refuses for financial reasons. He believes he has discovered something that will make him rich. Very quickly, Jason is back on his feet and, soon after giving a break to his coroner’s head, begins a murderous rampage throughout the ship. The passengers are notified immediately and equip themselves with laser pistols and other technological weapons.

Jason resists well, but for once, he is totally disoriented in this futuristic environment where holograms, robots and chemistry all become obstacles. Armed with a giant surgical blade and hiding in the shadows, he advances on a path littered with corpses.





I have rarely awaited a follow-up such I have wanted Jason X. I was a bit disappointed when I learned that Jason would travel through space such as countless other horror movie icons who lost their personalities in this setting. Leprechaun, while being a face disliked by horror movie fans, was laughed at in space. So were the Critters. Jason succeeds very well, however. He succeeds so well that it was an excellent idea under the condition that the series continues from where it started, in Friday the 13th Part 11.

Ever since Friday the 13th Part 7 : The New Blood and, consequently, ever since Kane Hodder plays Jason Voorhees, the production studios have given themselves a mission to make a fool of the respected assassin. They made him weaker than a teenage girl with psychic powers, gave him the power of teleportation, of going back to childhood and of possession.

In Jason X, there is none of this. Jason is a big humble brute that kills. That is all. In opposition to the first eight movies, his presence is not only noticed in the last twenty minutes. Almost the whole crew knows from the start that a killer is on the loose… it is only that they have no idea of what they are facing. The murders are superb. There are classic murders with the knife but also a series of creative murders that make the most of the futuristic environment: head frozen in liquid nitrogen and then crushed on a metallic table, body impaled by a giant drill, etc. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat in a manner that is inspired from Aliens.

A character in particular is in contrast with the others: Kay-Em 14, a cyborg programmed to talk about sex, hit hard and know everything, becomes Jason’s worst enemy. After an upgrade, she bombards Jason with all her guns, acrobatics and all imaginable hits. It is without a doubt the most satisfying moment of the film. However, we know in the depths of our heart that this will not be enough to make Jason breathe his last breath.

The special effects are interesting for what seems to be a medium budget. The actors are excellent and actress very attractive. An effort has been made on all aspects. The characters, as always, are clichés. The last twenty minutes are a treat for horror fans: Jason quickly virtually visits Crystal Lake for a premarital threesome and reproduces one of the most memorable scenes of the series involving a sleeping bag and very little blood (The blood had been removed by the MPAA and there still isn’t a drop of blood). During his trip back, Jason wears metallic colours due to a nano-technolic upgrade that renders him even more frightening than ever before, to such a point that the Terminator would run away, crying.

Briefly, here is a movie not to take too seriously. The point is to show that Jason is capable of taking punishment, that he can kill more than one person a minute and that he has good ideas. In my opinion, this is one of the best movies in the series but he is still at his best at Crystal Lake. The conclusion to Jason X seems to have been rushed. The special effect used was more or less shameful but it is the only thing that unhooks us from a captivating movie packed with action, blood and startling moments.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- The coroner has her head plunged in liquid nitrogen and crushed on a table.

- A soldier is thrown onto a giant drill that impales him as he spirals down.

- A soldier is separated at the waist but the top of his body continues wanting to live.

- Kay-Em 14, the sado-masochist cyborg, punishes Jason.

- Jason comes back to life after a cybernetic implant, protected by metallic armor.

- Jason traps a nude teenage girl in a sleeping back and uses her to hit her best friend.

Memorables characters
- Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder)

- Lisa Ryder (Kay-Em 14)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller - Monsters - Science Fiction - Technology

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( 2002-01-28 )  

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