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13th Floor, The

"Even office buildings can be haunted..."

Two homeless women hide on the thirteenth floor of a building in the intention to live there. Hit men target one of them. According to the one who hired them, she hides certain documents on her.

Twenty years earlier, a father and his son were murdered on this floor and legend is that it is haunted. All the businesses that rented space on this floor went bankrupt. The two women discover this, during the night, when the electrical panel starts going crazy and doesn't respond to the switches.

Does this force menace them or will it help them when the killers will arrive?





This movie leads us to believe, in the first twenty minutes, that the haunting will be interesting. I love it when the mystery is located in a usually public and safe location, in the occurrence an office building. Sadly, those who should be good are evil and vice versa. The ghost of the young man is nice and kills those who try to harm the women. Who is wrong? The ghost is the one who decides.

I see here two serious problems. First, the movie is not the type of haunting film we would imagine. It more or less resembles Pulse because electrical discharges and other magnetic impulsions kill and try to scare. There is no teleportation, no telekinesis and only one or two apparitions. Then, there is little or no content related to what has happened on the haunted floor. Most of the development reminds us of a television mini-series. There is also the mafia aspect that never lets go. There is a reason to all this corruption and the final punch explains it. Anyhow, the revelation is pretty foreseeable. All this diversion is not as bad as it may seem. The story remains interesting but does not deliver the potential that it inspires.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Monsters - Fantasy

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( 2002-03-20 )  

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