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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

"...and I'll make sure it's the last time you do it..."

Ray and Julie never talked about their misadventure to anyone, not even to their new friends. Their couple didnít work out but they still have feelings for each other. One day, Julie receives a phone call from a radio station. By answering correctly to their question, she wins a trip for four to the Bahamas. Ray cannot join the group but Will, a man Julie would have preferred never meeting, takes his place.

They would have appreciated their trip down south but, as soon as they arrive, they learn that they have landed right when the island has entered storm season. The crew slowly leaves the island only to be replaced by wind, clouds and rain. This trick prize doesnít stop them from having fun and exploring the island.

While Julie sings at the karaoke, the lyrics are changed to "I still know". The killer isnít really dead and he has followed them to this deserted island where they are deprived of any kind of protection.





If I Know What You Did Last Summer was a success on a variety of aspects, this film fails everywhere its predecessor had succeeded. It is still an excellent slasher but without the elements of realism. However, because the action takes place on a deserted island during a storm, the movieís potential grows. Julieís new friends are curiously more precious that her previous friends except for Will, a weak and weird character with multiple personalities. He is in love with Julie but unable to obtain her attention but is a very good friend with the couple that invited him to travel with them. There is much more to these illogical relationships than this infernal circle of friends. Regardless of the fact that we now know who the secret killer is, he amuses himself by trying cloud who he really is, if he still is evil and if we will learn more about this uninteresting character.

An occult story surrounds the movie and this can be considered as a positive characteristic as well as a negative one. All of the resortís employees are suspicious and arenít friendly which creates an interesting bad feeling. The lighting effects are well done: it is rarely sunny. Karla and Tyrell successfully play their role of the stereotyped African-American couple. Tyrellís death is shocking, impressive but mostly well placed, seeing the context. There are too few survivors, in my opinion. It seems the killer has too much fun working because he doesnít concentrate on what is important.

Many scenes were imagined to impress. Julie definitively didnít need to catch some sun after having discovered a cadaver nor did she need to isolate herself in her room after receive a death threat. Furthermore, this movie didnít need a title like "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". Technically, "I Still Know", "I Know What You Did Two Summers Ago" or "I Know What You Did During The Last Two Summers" would have been more appropriate. It seems no one noticed this fact.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Rayís friend is pulled out of the window of his truck in one brutal movement of the killerís hook.

- Tyrell has his throat pierced and pulled upwards into the kitchen ventilator.

- The mess the hotel manager leaves after his death.

Memorables characters
- The hook-wielding killer

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

In the same series:
I Know What You Did Last Summer

Films in similar category:
My Bloody Valentine
Cherry Falls

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( 2002-03-27 )  

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