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American Werewolf in Paris, An

Andy, Chris and Brad get onboard a train headed to Paris, for their vacations. They plan on climbing the Eiffel tower and drinking all night long. Once on the top, a surprise awaits them: Andy saves a young woman’s life. The young woman was attempting to jump but after being saved, she flees and leaves one of her shoes behind. Andy has fallen in love: he finds her home under the pretext of wanting to give Serafine her shoe back. However, the suicidal girl tells him to leave when he knocks on her door. She has blood all over her hands. Andy fears for her safety.

Then, Andy and his friends try to visit her but it is a man who answers the door. He explains the young woman is currently unavailable but invites them to a “we love Americans” party. When they get there, they are far from doubting they are in the middle of a starved pack of werewolves who, in fact, love Americans a bit too much.

When the full moon appears, they realize where they are and Brad is killed. Andy runs away but is bitten on the leg. He awakens at Serafine’s home; she explains what has happened to him and informs him that he too will become a werewolf. Not only does Andy have to fight against himself during the next night but the cult members who wish to initiate him will also chase him.





If John Landis was dead, he’d turn over in his grave after seeing all these quickly made three-dimensional werewolves trying to scare his fans. This sequel doesn’t come close to the original. In fact, it seems correct to claim that his movie wanted to improve the aspects that made its predecessor a classic. It caricatures them to the extreme and obviously fails.

We meet a gang of guys on vacation that are hated because they are Americans and that are bitten. Then, our hero falls in love with his caretaker. Also present are un-dead friends that come back to try to kill the hero, a love story, attractive breasts, too frequent nightmares inside other nightmares and a very present soundtrack.

The actors are slightly better than in the original but it doesn’t excuse the poor script and shameful special effects. What interested us in the original, just like in most lycanthrope and vampire movies, is the fact that the disease affects only one person. In this movie, there most be thirty-some werewolves. The nineties have harassed us with its hordes and clans of vampires/werewolves to such a point where they are no longer mysterious.

The 3D effects are this movie’s greatest flaws. Each time a see a werewolf transform, it pains me even more than the previous time. I wanted to turn my head and wait for the next scene. An American Werewolf in Paris is still an amusing film because it is packed with action. It is simply a bad sequel and shouldn’t be associated with its predecessor.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A werewolf without legs, attached to a table, trying to attack Chris as best as he can.
- Andy bungee jumping from the Eiffel tower.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1997

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Thriller - Invaders - Monsters - Humor

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( 2002-04-05 )  

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